Sammy Ford

At the time of the interview, Sammy Ford had lived in the Houston community for approximately forty years and had experienced multiple natural disasters, with flooding from Hurricane Harvey and Tropical Storm Allison. After Ford’s first flooding experience with Allison, he found himself naturally concerned with the news of Harvey threatening landfall. To prepare, he stored the necessary supplies in his home but admitted that beyond that, there was little else to do besides wait. During the storm, Ford had constant access to the news and remained in communication with immediate family members. When further recounting his experience with Harvey, Ford stated that his house had three feet of water, and by the time of evacuation, the water reached his chest. The flooding led to an entire renovation of Ford’s home and the loss of all cars. Ford notes that throughout the tragedy, the community and FEMA supported him and his family. At the end of the interview, Ford is honest that no one can truly understand the impact of a hurricane or tropical storm unless they have experienced it themself. 

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