Rabbi Oren Hayon

Rabbi Oren Hayon, with Temple Emanu El, discusses Hurricane Harvey, the Jewish community’s reaction to Harvey, and the Jewish community in Houston. Hayon discusses the fact that Temple Emanu El is not in the Meyerland area and that while the synagogue was unaffected by flooding, it still impacted many of his congregants who do live in Meyerland. Hayon further discusses Temple Emanu EL’s role as a place of refuge, a place of gathering, and as a supply drop-off and disbursement. Hayon explains that while the Temple eventually supplied actual goods to the JCC and JFS, his Temple was responsible for many financial disbursements to those in need after the flood. As a Rabbi, Hayon also relates opinions and reflections on the role of sermons after Harvey during the High Holy Days and the coming Passover services. Hayon reflects on the role he played as both a spiritual advisor and a spiritual guide in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

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