Russell Price

Russell Price had lived in Houston for forty years when he participated in this interview. Price lived in Michigan before coming to Houston, trading in ice and snowstorms for tropical storms and hurricanes. Price is an alum of the University of Houston and Rice University, later working at Rice as Assistant Vice Principal of Facilities. His experience in electrical systems saw him responsible for crisis management, emergency management, and tropical storm and hurricane preparations. With Tropical Storm Allison in 2001, Price learned how to restore power at Rice in a natural disaster, motivating him to prepare for power outages and other errors before a storm hits. In addition, he helped create a prevention program for Rice’s critical areas, those with dorms for students and those with electrical importance. While the prevention plan helped Rice in future storms, Price admitted that the campus stayed relatively undamaged during Tropical Storm Allison due to a construction hole in the ground that collected most of the rainfall.  Price had retired from his Rice position when Hurricane Harvey struck, but his preparation plan granted minor university damage. Unfortunately, Price’s home flooded and required help from an emergency crew that removed the damaged portions of the house and debris in the yard. Finishing up his interview, Price discusses adapting his preparation plans post-Harvey, as well as advising every homeowner in the Houston area to invest in flood insurance. 

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