Ronald Teitelbaum

Ron Teitelbaum was interviewed on the morning of Friday, March 2, 2018, in the conference room of an apartment building in Houston, where he and his wife have been living since their home flooded during Hurricane Harvey on August 29, 2017. Mr. Teitelbaum is a retired attorney who recently sold the Meyerland home he and his wife bought in 1988. They are currently looking to purchase a new home outside of Meyerland. In this interview, HCAD refers to the Harris County Appraisal District, POL refers to Proof of Loss (an insurance policyholder’s statement of the amount of money being requested), and May Day is sometimes used to refer to a flood that impacted Houston on Memorial Day of 2015. This interview was conducted as part of The Center for Public History’s Resilient Houston Project, University of Houston. Per Mr. Teitelbaum’s request, a portion of this interview has been redacted. 

Read on for a full transcript of the interview: