Eyal Enav

Eyal Enav discusses his experience with not only Hurricane Harvey but two previous floods in his Meyerland home. Despite difficulties in Harvey, including dealing with a broken wrist resulting from tripping in storm waters, Enav moved quickly into remediating the house after getting four feet of water in the house.

Harvey caused the issues so widespread that getting the contractor help they needed took longer than expected. Enav speaks fondly of the help they received from the community in pulling out damaged furniture, drywall, and flooring from the thrice flooded house. Additionally, after two previous floods, Enav is now an expert on the necessary steps and talks about his loyalty towards previous people when it came to purchases big and small. Once the damage was accessed, Enav and his wife, both engineers, sat down to decide what to do. After careful consideration of remediation costs, costs to elevate, they decided to sell and build elsewhere. Enav and his wife chose to build close to Meyerland to continue to be close to the Jewish community there, relating stories of people who left and felt disconnected.