David Enav

David Enav discusses his experience with two previous floods and his harrowing experience during Hurricane Harvey. Enav spent most of his life in Meyerland, attending Jewish schools for his education before attending the University of Houston. Enav relates the difficulty he now has returning to live in the Meyerland area after his parents decided not to leave.

Enav feels that he will not feel safe again in the area and wishes his parents had chosen to move to a high-rise apartment like so many others. A vital story Enav relates the family that lived next door to where he was with the danger of being trapped in a flooded house. In Meyerland and Jewish, this family opened their house many people displaced who wound up there for about five days. Enav is still in awe of their generosity and is still in contact with all the people who shared the harrowing experience.