Rhonda Davis

Rhonda Davis has lived in La Porte, Texas, for forty-three years. Upon recounting her experience with Hurricane Harvey, Davis revealed that many believed the news to overestimate the potential threat since Harvey did not land until a day after anticipated. Since Davis’s work granted her access to a detailed storm analysis (StormGeo), she and her family had remained hunkered down when Harvey hit La Porte.

After Harvey struck, Davis remembers watching the news and seeing warnings of high-intensity floods. Floodwaters came into her family home, forcing the removal of most furniture and redoing the floors. Davis mentions post-storm consequences, the smell of the water in their home, and the bugs that the water attracted. A key frustration for Davis involved FEMA and their selectiveness for granting loans for those without flood insurance. For a few weeks after Harvey, local shops remained closed to fix damages. Despite the communal consequences, Davis recalls a strong sense of community among La Porte families and individuals. Davis concludes her interview by saying she believes the connections made post-Harvey will last forever.