William McWhirter

William McWhirter has lived in the Greater Houston Area since 1963 when he was ten years old. He provides insight into personal experiences with flooding from tropical storms and hurricanes. McWhirter’s property in northwest Cypress flooded three times, in 1998, 2000, and 2001. He describes the experience as nightmarish, with fear of flooding any time the skies begin to cloud – but that his experiences also help prepare him for the worst. Fortunately for McWhirter, his home did not flood from Hurricane Harvey, but there were significant amounts of debris on the roads and fields in his rural community outside of Houston. When asked about flooding policy and the environment, McWhirter divulged his concerns about the current climate crisis. He believes that without reducing carbon dioxide and hydrogen emissions, the global warming effect will become more severe, and we will see an increase in devastation and occurrences of tropical storms. 

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