Amy Zachmeyer

Amy Zachmeyer was the co-chair of the Houston chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America during the recovery efforts after Hurricane Harvey. Zachmeyer describes how before the storm, the DSA began an online fundraiser to raise money to buy essential goods for those in need and discusses the challenges the group faced after raising more than $100,000.

A large portion of the funds were distributed directly to those in need. Zachmeyer explains that as time passed, recovery efforts became more difficult as the DSA focused on other issues, such as canvassing for Medicare for All, and that the DSA Harvey Relief Program lasted for two years. Zachmeyer expresses her frustrations with FEMA’s disaster response strategy and explains how the recovery efforts have shifted her ideas of political advocacy. The conversation covers how Zachmeyer believes Houston is still unprepared for the next storm, despite the lessons learned from Harvey.