Melissa Flores

Melissa Flores is a biology student at the University of Houston who grew up in Cypress, Texas. Flores recounts her experience with tropical storms and hurricanes throughout her time living in the suburbs of Houston. For most storms, Flores recalls, her family was lucky to see no damage or flooding to their home since they lived higher than the rest of the neighborhood. When Hurricane Harvey made the news, Flores’s parents requested she return home from campus.

Melissa originally thought they were overreacting and stayed on campus until Harvey flooded the first floor of her apartment and she realized the storm was more serious than she had expected. When she returned to her Cypress home, the family lost electricity but were prepared with coolers and a gas stove. The preparation came from years of experience with significant storms in the area. Another factor that coincides with significant storms is community support. Flores speaks specifically on Houston support after Hurricane Harvey. The interview concludes with the discussion of air emissions and pollution in the city.