Fatai Oyejobi

Fatai Oyejobi lives near Lake Houston in Atascocita. Born in Nigeria, he moved to the United States when he was young and moved to Houston in 2009. He lived in Beaumont in 2005 when Hurricane Rita impacted the area. Oyejobi was working at a center for at-risk children that had taken in refugees from Hurricane Katrina, but the center had to close after Rita.

When he first heard about Harvey, he did not think it was going to impact him, so he did not make any preparations. His house did not flood, but much of his neighborhood did. Oyejobi had an SUV that could drive through the water, so he went around his neighborhood and helped those waiting for rescue. He says that after living through other hurricanes, being able to help others directly was refreshing. After the storm, Oyejobi realized he needed to have flood insurance in the event of another storm.