Lynne Boone

Lynne Boone, born in Cleveland, Ohio, moved to Houston, Texas in 1984 and has remained here ever since. Living in Kingwood, Boone experienced the significance of Hurricane Harvey firsthand. In the beginning, when news of Harvey was discussed, Boone and her husband did not take it too seriously. To be safe, they took turns sleeping during the night to check water levels, but they did not move furniture, personal belongings, etc. up to higher levels of the house – a fact they would come to regret later.

Reflecting upon the floods, Boone believes it was the release of Lake Conroe that caused her house to flood three to four feet. The Boones were able to evacuate their neighborhood with the help of friends who took them to an independent living facility for a brief period of time, before going to Creekwood Middle School. Since the middle school was not funded by FEMA, its generator could not keep running and the Boones had to evacuate again. Lynne refused to go further away from her neighborhood, so her son had one of his friends pick his parents up and the Boones stayed with them for a week before checking into a hotel for a few months. Upon describing her experience with Harvey, Boone admits that she did not expect water to reach her house at all since she lives on an incline. This preconceived notion made her naive in preparing for the storm and packing for the evacuation. In her interview, Boone mentions the wonderful community support her family witnessed. When word got around that someone needed something, the item would show up on the doorstep of wherever they were staying within the next day or so. The support also came with financial graces, such as discounts on buying new appliances, carpet, furniture, etc. Boone discussed the difficulties of a community all experiencing the same devastation, how everyone’s needs for certain items and home necessities led to many backorders and waiting periods. When asked how she would prepare for a storm after Harvey, Boone mentioned that she would move items higher up in the house and start planning for an evacuation when the news mentioned an incoming storm. She advised that those living in the Greater Houston Area buy flood insurance, since the rate per year is relatively cheap and help from the insurance is much greater than FEMA. Through her experience with Harvey, Boone tried to maintain a positive mindset and look for moments of brevity in such a dark time. She believes that the horrors of Harvey will be forgotten as time goes on, which is why she is happy to relay her account to warn people not to become too complacent and naive for future storms.