Debra Johnson

Debra Johnson moved from San Antonio, where she grew up, to Houston to be closer to her aging mother. After several years living in Houston, Johnson’s apartment flooded during Hurricane Harvey, and she lost everything she owned, including her furniture and two cars. She placed some items in storage before the storm, but the storage company lost her records and never returned her things.

She explains that she never experienced any flooding while living in San Antonio, which she attributes to better drainage systems. After Harvey, Johnson went to stay with a friend in Virginia while she lived for more than a year before returning to Houston. Johnson explains how she believes that God was teaching her a lesson about the value of material possessions after she lost everything in the flood. Johnson tried to apply for federal aid but says that the program had just closed when she returned to Houston. She reached out to Catholic Charities, who proved her with a starter set of furniture. When she heard that Tropical Storm Imelda was coming to Houston and might cause similar flooding to Harvey, Johnson prayed and asked for advice about the storm. She says God told her to stay put and ask for forgiveness. Johnson ends by saying that storms come to teach lessons, and that she has a meeting with the pastor at Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church to talk more about her faith.