Brian Cororve

Brian Cororve is an estate attorney who has lived in Meyerland for much of his life with his wife, Nirayl, and their children. Unfortunately, their home flooded during Hurricane Harvey and at the time of the interview they were living in a temporary rental home outside of Meyerland.

The interview focuses on his experience during and after the storm. More broadly, it focuses on Jewish Meyerland and how Brian and his family identify with the neighborhood, Judaism, and the city of Houston. He talks about the decision to rebuild in Meyerland rather than move to another area, despite the flood risk. Cororve believes that Houston, and Meyerland specifically, will recover from the damage wrought by Hurricane Harvey. He expresses this hope, as well as his genuine gratefulness for the support he received from his friends, family, and Jewish institutions, throughout the interview. At the end of the interview, Cororve briefly discusses the impact of the Astros World Series win on the city of Houston.