Stephen James

Stephen James saw the devasting effects of Hurricane Harvey firsthand and documented his experience through photography. James’s career as a CBS affiliate at Houston, Channel 11 prepared him to seek photographs in storms and other devastating events. While he documented the storm and later volunteered for those in need, James witnessed community-wide acts of kindness. He walked through Houston in knee-deep to waist-deep water and seeing two young Hispanic boys pushing a boat in the floodwater to help an elderly black couple. James witnessed further community support while volunteering at Lakewood Church, helping hand out donations and supplies and assisting at FEMA while working for Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee. He oversaw the set-up of two distribution centers that provided food, water, and supplies to those affected by Harvey. When asked about previous storms, James discussed his experiences with Alicia, Katrina, Allison, and Ike. In all of these disasters, James remembers politicians seeking out those in need and offering their help. James denotes a similar aspect of all these disasters, including Hurricane Harvey, and community communication – people providing information about which roads are open and where damage is on certain streets and neighborhoods. James finishes his interview by offering advice for future storms; he encourages people to trust media forewarning of natural disasters and local agencies’ advice during said disasters.