Rabbi Teller

Rabbi Ranon Teller, Congregation Brith Shalom, discusses Hurricane Harvey, repercussions from the hurricane, the Jewish community response, and the impact on the community. Teller begins with sharing the many hats he wears as a Rabbi, as a community leader, educator, and clergyman. Teller delves into the impact Hurricane Harvey had on the congregation in light of worship, as it began on the Sabbath and right before the High Holy Days. Teller, lucky to have not flooded previously, relates hosting several other families while bracing for the potential to flood. Teller remembers focusing on his family and the people in his home until the danger had passed. Once it had, he immediately turned to the needs of his congregants. Importantly, Teller relates taking in and helping Congregation Beth Yeshurun, whose synagogue had flooded more severely. The differences between the two communities were challenging, but helping each other and ensuring the continuation of life events was the preeminent issue.