Rabbi Jill Levy

Rabbi Jill Levy moved to Houston when she was two years old and grew up going to the Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center in Meyerland. The JCC plays a vital role as the “hub” of Meyerland’s Jewish community. Levy currently works as the Director of Jewish Living and Learning at the JCC. Levy helped coordinate immediate Hurricane Harvey relief. The JCC’s facilities flooded over ten feet in some areas of the campus and yet the JCC lead a relief distribution center from their tennis court facilities. The JCC also helped organize free day camps for families who were working on their flooded homes after the storm as well as a variety of programming aimed toward the emotional and economic well being of their community members. Levy discusses the organizational and logistical aspects behind the immediate efforts of the JCC; plans that grew from experiential knowledge from the previous floods of Memorial Day and Tax Day in the previous years. Discussing the technological tools that provided the JCC with the ability to enact their relief plans alongside community connections with other institutions. The JCC provides an example of efficient, community-based natural disaster relief efforts.