Patricia Crawford

Patricia Crawford has lived in Houston, Texas, for her whole life, providing her with multiple experiences with hurricanes and tropical storms. When describing her experience with Hurricane Harvey, Crawford mentions how rough the storm was on most people, especially those who lived along the bayou. In the early hours of Harvey, Crawford remained unaware of the seriousness until her cousin’s husband informed her she needed to evacuate. When she stepped out of bed, she stepped in water. She revealed fear when she understood the significance of the situation. Her cousin’s husband took her and her dog to his home, where they were luckily at a high elevation, so the water only reached the porch. Crawford discusses FEMA’s aid for property damages, although she stated the money did not amount to much. Another organization that Crawford received help from was her church, Fifth Ward Baptist, showing her the support of her community. Unfortunately, Crawford admitted that the relief efforts impacted her community slowly and poorly. Crawford discusses her worry for long-term challenges post-Harvey and how her community has a long way before things return to the way they were before Harvey. Concluding her interview, Crawford offers advice for those in a similar situation as Harvey – mainly to remain positive, push through the hardships, and not give up hope. 

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