Pastor Rudy Rasmus

Pastor Rudy Rasmus grew up in West End, one of the oldest black neighborhoods in Houston, Texas. Pastor Rasmus begins his interview detailing the changes throughout Houston during his childhood and early adulthood. Since 1992, Rasmus has led a community of faith in downtown Houston, making its primary goal to engage with the homeless population. To explain how he ended up as a religious leader in Houston, Rasmus provides information on his high school, college, and post-graduate years. Due to his privileged life, Rasmus felt called to help those who did not have the advantages he did. After discussing his beginnings in the religious community, Rasmus remembers his experience with hurricanes and tropical storms in Houston. The first storm he recalls is Hurricane Carla, which he witnessed at approximately ten years old. His family evacuated their home due to Carla’s chaos, and when they returned home, they found Houston devastated by the storm. From Carla, Tropical Storm Allison, and Hurricane Katrina, Rasmus developed a great deal of respect for storm systems.

When Hurricane Harvey hit, Rasmus and one of his daughters were at home seeing the storm unfold on television. After the storm passed, they rode around the city and saw significant flooding throughout Houston. Luckily, Rasmus’s home and church were relatively unharmed. Rasmus recounts his relationship with Beyonce and the help she provided for the city post-Harvey – he also recalls the help Tyler Perry provided for those in New Orleans. Rasmus concludes his interview by discussing preparations for future storms and how communities support each other in unimaginable ways during times of crisis