Nomi Solomon

Nomi Solomon, a mother of three, discusses the floods, hurricane Harvey, and her commitment to staying in Meyerland for the Jewish community it offers. Starting with the Memorial Day flood and being 11 weeks postpartum to living with her in-laws for six months, Solomon relates the trials and tribulations of dealing with the immense flooding seen in the Meyerland area.

Solomon and her husband chose to move to Houston for work but knew they wanted to be in the Meyerland community for their children, as that was where her husband grew up. The day school, the JCC, and the feeling of Jewishness is what are keeping the Solomon family in Meyerland, even as some Jews chose to leave the flood-prone area. Solomon acknowledges that some people who have raised their families and are now older couples might be wise to leave, but she believes that young Jewish families will continue to call Meyerland home. Solomon also relates the PTSD she suffered after Harvey and how that impacted her and her family. Despite all the trials, she and her husband are determined to continue to raise their family in Meyerland.