Margie Freeman

Margie Freeman, born in 1951 in New Brighton, Pennsylvania, moved to Houston thirty-two years ago for her husband’s job. Freeman recalls her first experience with a hurricane in 1972, with Hurricane Agnes in Pennsylvania.

Living in Kingwood, Texas, Freeman has experienced more hurricanes and tropical storms. However, she states that before Hurricane Harvey, no one thought about significant amounts of tragedy occurring from a storm. When she first heard about Harvey on the news, Freeman believed her neighborhood was safe since past events had proven so. Freeman realized Harvey was different when she received a call from her son informing her water had risen a few inches in his home. Looking outside her home, Freeman saw a river running down her street, encouraging her and her husband to spend the night moving things upstairs. By 10:30 the following day, their home had fourteen inches of water. After evacuating their home, the couple went to a middle school nearby for safety. Freeman accounts for social media and technological communication that occurred in conjunction with Hurricane Harvey. The Freeman home suffered substantial damages, but by a year later interview, their home had been rebuilt and repaired. During the process of reconstruction, Freeman mentions the community and familial support they received. They did not receive any help from FEMA given the criteria needed to qualify. Upon reflecting on Harvey, Freeman admits that she will not rebuild a home again in the event of another flood. She recalls the idea of Houston Strong and how the community came together to support each other as one. Freeman concludes by discussing the impact Harvey had on her husband and how they came out of the experience stronger and more grateful for what they have.