Kenneth Knox

Kenneth Knox lived in Kingwood, Texas at the time of Hurricane Harvey. Before moving to Houston, Knox lived in Louisiana, where he understood the importance of living away from floodplains. After seeing news reports about Hurricane Harvey, Knox began to stock up on food and water. Fortunately, Knox’s home did not flood, placing him in a position to offer help for those who were affected more severely.

Knox recalls helping fundraise and pool money together for his fellow employees at Kinder Morgan that suffered property and flooding damage. Knox speaks on the emotional toll it takes to see neighbors and friends go through traumatic experiences of home rebuilding. Knox acknowledges how effectively and compassionately the state of Texas and the city of Houston responded to the crisis of Harvey. Knox finishes the interview about finding a Sherriff airboat in the middle of the road and when the Sheriff returned for it, he told them he had been out for 14 hours helping people, and he was so tired returning home that he did not notice the airboat detach from his trailer.