Kathy Scott

Kathy Scott has lived in Houston, Texas since 1981. In the days leading up to Harvey, Scott was unconcerned since her neighborhood was not expecting storm damage. A day before Harvey landed in Houston Scott realized the gravity of the situation. To prepare, she bought extra water and groceries. Heavy rainfall and power outages cut Scott off from the news, but she began to move furniture higher up in the home.

At 7:30 the next morning, her home began to flood. Overall, the home received two feet of water. Scott waited on the second story of her house, supplied with food and water for her and her dog. With no power, a dying phone battery, and a steadily flooding home, Scott evacuated around 9:30 am. She stayed at a neighbor’s home for the night and called her family and friends to inform them of her safety. Her husband was in London at the time but came home upon hearing the news. Scott joined the Facebook page “Flooding Kingwood with Kindness” to receive updates. She compared the images she saw on the page to an apocalypse. Scott’s car flooded inside the garage, which flooded four feet. Post-Harvey was difficult for Scott as she was misplaced from both her home and her work. For a brief portion of the interview, Scott gets emotional recalling the flooding damage that occurred at home and her place of work. The rebuilding of her home also took an emotional toll on her. The generosity of the community stood out to Scott the most throughout her experience with Harvey. She learned the true meaning of Houston Strong and was very grateful for it.