Kathie and Don Witt

Kathie and Don Witt have lived in Kingwood for twenty-five years. The Witts had no storm experience prior to Hurricane Harvey. When they heard the news about Harvey, they had no expectations of flooding. The Witts were surprised when the dams opened and floodwater quickly rose. Their home had four feet of water.

Once they noticed the water level rising, the couple began to pick up furniture and place it on a higher elevation in the home. When they awoke the next morning, a neighbor was outside waiting for them in a pick-up truck to bring them to his home for dry clothes and warm drinks. After two days, the Witts returned home. On their way, they noticed Cajun Navy boats all over the neighborhood desperate to help people who needed it. One boat picked the couple up and helped them save and restart their back-up generator so they would have electricity. For four months after Harvey, during the rebuilding of their home, the Witts used the generator. During those months, friends offered the couple a place to stay in their homes. Only six homes in their neighborhood suffered damage from Harvey, but 75% of a surrounding neighborhood in Kingwood faced damages. If their house floods again, they would use the flood insurance money to buy a new home. A few bright spots through it all included family and friends’ support. As owners of flood insurance, the Witts did not interact with FEMA too much. To give back to the community that supported them, the Witts volunteered at the Houston Food Bank for six months post-Harvey.