Holly Cin

Holly Cin, a driving force behind the Meyerland Minyan orthodox synagogue, discusses flooding, the Meyerland community, and the future of the Jewish community there. Cin discusses flooding in the Memorial Day flood, applying for a grant to elevate the house, and the continued plan to elevate after the Tax Day Flood and Hurricane Harvey, which saw three feet of water in her house. Additionally, Cin discusses the conversation her family and many other orthodox families had about the possibility of moving away from Meyerland. Cin states that leaving Meyerland Minyan was not a significant consideration, as they are so attached to the synagogue, especially in her role as a matchmaker. The most significant consideration is the ability of the orthodox community to walk to the synagogue each week, which is a religious requirement, in a city that has immense heat each summer. Cin finishes the interview with the belief that Meyerland will remain the Jewish community it now is. 

You can read the full transcript of her interview here: