Charles Clark

Charles Clark, Jr., was not worried about Hurricane Harvey. He says that this house in Missouri City and the surrounding area had not flooded in the past, but he still made basic preparations like filling his cars with gas and making sure he had enough food. Clark explains he learned how to prepare for the storm from previous experiences with other tropical storms. Clark, who used to work at a chemical plant, explains the perils of not knowing the dangers of hurricanes. He says that the plant he worked at was bought by a new company that did not understand hurricanes, and this resulted in a shortage of workers during the storm due to mismanagement. Clark, who also owns a cattle ranch, says that his animals fared well during the storm, and talks about the hazards that ranchers face during hurricanes and floods. He says that he is lucky because he fared better during Harvey than others. Clark explains that while there is nothing Houston can do to stop disasters, there is much that the city can do to prepare for a flood, like making sure that the waterways are ready to accept flood waters. At the end of the conversation, Clark recalls the generosity of a neighbor who still had electricity during the storm. 

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