Lydia Musher

Lydia Musher discusses Hurricane Harvey, the Meyerland Community, and how floods are inevitable. Despite not flooding in the Memorial Day Flood or the Tax Day Flood, Musher was not surprised to flood with Harvey. The impact of Harvey led her and her husband to decide to sell their house at a loss and build elsewhere. They decided to build in the Meyerland area but to elevate 10 feet for the new house. Musher also discusses the inherent Jewishness of the Meyerland community and why it is such an essential part of their family. Musher discusses the impact of the floods on Houston and Meyerland in specific and how people need to plan for more floods to come. Musher ends with thoughts that Meyerland will remain a Jewish epicenter for Houston due to the ancient tendency for Jews to want to stay together, even as society has become more open to Jews. 

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